The American Water Works Association, AWWA now provide a fellowship to support advanced training, research and doctoral program in the field of water supply and treatment. This AWWA Fellowship is specially available for outstanding applicants from USA, Canada and Mexico. Expired 227 days ago, try next time!

Fellowship Description
The Abel Wolman Fellowship was created in honor of Dr. Abel Wolman, the Dean of Water Supply. Wolmans contributions to the water industry defined the development of the engineering profession, most notably in the public health aspects of engineering. He established standards for planning for the future needs of people everywhere. The Abel Wolman Fellowship is designed to support promising students in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico pursuing advanced training and research in the field of water supply and treatment. To accomplish this objective, a doctoral fellowship providing up to two years of support will be awarded annually to the most outstanding student.

Fellowship Value
AWWA Sections take a very active role in supporting students, distributing more than 40 scholarships to local students ranging from $100 to $1,000. These scholarships, also listed below, are in addition to the AWWA scholarships.

Level and Area of Studies
PhD, Research and training in the field of water supply and treatment.

Place of Study
The fellowship will support study that established in USA

Eligibility and Criteria
You are eligible to apply if you expect to complete the requirements for a Ph.D. within two years of the award, and have citizenship or permanent residence in Canada, Mexico, or the United States. Applicants are considered without regard to color, gender, race, creed, or country of origin.

Applicants’ Nationality
This Abel Wolman Fellowship is specially offered to applicants from USA, Canada and Mexico.

Application Instruction
All candidates should provide all of the following documents:

  • Official application form
  • A 2 page résumé (that includes educational history)
  • Official transcripts of all university education
  • Official GRE scores sent directly from GRE Testing Center (quantitative, analytical, and verbal) or a photocopy of the official report.
  • Three letters of recommendation, one of which must be from the dissertation advisor
  • Proposed curriculum of study
  • A brief description of the dissertation research, including a statement describing how the research will relate specifically to water supply and treatment (no more than 2 pages of text and an additional 2 pages of figures and tables  applications that do not strictly adhere to these requirements will not be considered)

Submission Deadline
January 11, 2019

Contact Detail
Linda Moody, AWWA
Phone: (303) 347-6201
Email: lmoody@awwa.org

Website and Application Link

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