Vice Chancellor’s Research Scholarships at Kent University, UK

Target: All nationalities | Level: PhD degree | Studies: Classical and Archaeological Studies, Comparative Literature, English Language and Linguistics, Modern Languages (French, German, Hispanic Studies, Italian), Philosophy and Religious Studies | Expired 54 days ago, try next time!

School of Social Sciences PhD Studentships at the University Of Manchester, UK

Target: All nationalities | Level: Postgraduate researcg | Studies: Economics, Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Social Statistics and Politics | Deadline: Updated annually

VISTA Masters Scholarships at York University in Canada

Target: All nationalities | Level: Master degree | Studies: Psychology, Kinesiology & Health Science, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Biology, Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics & Statistics, Philosophy, Science & Technology Studies, Digital Media, Film, and Visual Arts | Expired 40 days ago, try next time!