Ministry for Primary Industries / NIWA Scholarship

This scholarship open to students undertaking either postgraduate or undergraduate studies in Marine related studies. Please note, only New Zealanders are invited to apply. This year, there are six awards available for master degree, each of those valued up to $20,000 and a number awards for undergraduate amounting up to $5,000 each.

Scholarship Description
In collaboration with NIWA, the Ministry for Primary Industries is offering masters scholarships. The scholarships were established in 2006 to allow graduate students to develop expertise in quantitative fisheries science in New Zealand. For undergraduate level, the scholarships will be paid out in two lump sums, one at the start of semester one and the following at the start of semester two dependent on acceptable grades having been received. The Ministry hopes to form an ongoing relationship with the scholarship recipients in order to promote the progression of these students to the postgraduate level. This may include gathering all scholarship recipients together to talk about their future prospects. The form of this relationship building is yet to be finalised.

Award Value
For masters scholarships up to $20,000 p/a for up to two years and for undergraduate scholarships $5000 are awarded to support the final year of undergraduate study.

Level and Area of Studies
Masters students in the field of quantitative fisheries science, particularly stock assessment modelling. Undergraduate scholarships are offered to students interested in a double major in mathematics or statistics combined with biology or marine biology.

Place of Study
The study can be taken in New Zealand

Eligibility and Criteria
To be eligible, all candidates must meet the criteria as follow:

For Postgraduate Level:

  • Study must be undertaken within New Zealand
  • You must be eligible to undertake an MSc at any New Zealand university.
  • You must undertake full-time study.
  • A suitable university supervisor and NIWA or MPI technical advisor must be agreed prior to stage 2 of the application.
  • There are no age restrictions.
  • Study must commence within 6 months of receiving this scholarship.
  • You may hold other scholarships but these must be disclosed to the Ministry for Primary Industries.

For Undergraduate Level:

  • Students will be eligible to apply if their degree will include: a minimum of 1 statistics or mathematics course in 2nd year, and 2 statistics or mathematics courses, as well as a marine biology course in 3rd year. Applicants with an applied quantitative background will be favoured.

Applicants’ Nationality
New Zealand citizens and permanent residents are welcome to apply.

Application Instruction
Please see the detail instruction at the website and application link below.

Submission Deadline
– 20th September each year (postgraduate)
– 30th November each year (undergraduate)

Website and Application Link

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