Onassis Fellowships for International Scholars in Greek

The Onassis Foundation is currently accepting applications for the Onassis Fellowships Program. This is open to scholars from any country. Fellows will be undertaking postdoctoral research in Greek for maximum ten months. The amount of the fellowship is vary, depending on the fellowship category. The application deadline is 28th of February every year.

Fellowship Description
In 1995 the Foundation established an annual programme of grants and scholarships for research, study and artistic endeavour within Greece. The educational programme is intended exclusively for non-Greeks: members of national academies, university professors of all levels, PhD holders, post-doctorate researchers, post-graduate students and doctoral candidates, artists, and teachers of Greek language, literature, history and culture in both primary and secondary education.

Award Value

  • Category A research grant: 1. A round trip air-ticket (economy class) from and to the country and place where the grantee is permanently living, for the grantee only, for the beginning of the scholarship and upon definite departure from Greece that amount a) up to Three Hundred Euros (€300.-) for a European country) up to One Thousand Euros ( €1,000.-) for a transatlantic trip or travel to and from countries of Asia and Africa. Fellowship recipients will be solely responsible for the purchase of their tickets. 2. A monthly allowance of One Thousand Five Hundred Euros (€ 1.500) for subsistence, accommodation and all other expenses.
  • Category C Educational Scholarship: 1. A round trip air-ticket (economy class) for the scholarship recipient only for the beginning of the scholarship and upon definite departure from Greece 2. A monthly allowance of Eight Hundred Fifty Euros (€ 850.-) for subsistence, accommodation and all other expenses.

Level and Area of Studies
Postdotoral research in Humanities: Philology, Literature, Linguistics, History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Educational Studies, Psychology. Social Science (excluding Law): Political Sciences, Sociology, International and European Studies, Social Policy. Economic Science: Maritime Studies, Finance, and Public Finance, Arts: Art History, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theater, Photography, Film Studies and New Media Cultural administration, (only Theoretic Studies, artists are not included).

Place of Study
The research will be taken in Greek.

Eligibility and Criteria
To be eligible, candidates must satisfy the general requirements as follow:

  • Persons of non Greek descent.
  • Cypriot citizens are also eligible to apply for category A grants only, provided they are permanently residing and working outside Greece.
  • Persons of Greek descent (second generation and on) are also eligible to apply for a grant or scholarship, provided they are permanently residing and working abroad or currently studying in foreign Universities.
  • Category A also apply to Scholars of Greek descent or citizenship provided they have a professional academic career of at least ten (10) years in a University or Research Institute abroad.
  • The above mentioned clarification (d) also applies to post-graduate students of Greek descent or citizenship, who pursue post-graduate studies outside of Greece (category C), have obtained a degree outside of Greece and are permanently residing outside of Greece for more than fifteen (15) years.

Applicants’ Nationality
Non-Greek students are welcome to apply.

Application Instruction
Application should be made through the online system at the website and application link below.

Submission Deadline
28th of February annually.

Website and Application Link

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