Ozyegin University’s Undergraduate Scholarships, Turkey

The Ozyegin University is pleased to offer a number of Undergraduate admission scholarships for 2016/17 academic year. Those awards are open to Turkish students satisfying the given criteria mentioned below. The winners will receive 25%, 50% or 100% of tuition waiver. The application deadline is August 26, 2016.

Award Value
– Full Scholarship: Full tuition waiver
– 50% Scholarship: 50% tuition waiver
– 25% Scholarship: 25% tuition waiver

Level and Area of Studies
Undergraduate degree in all subjects available at the university.

Place of Study
At Ozyegin University in Turkey.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Holding an IB diploma with a diploma score of 32 or higher,
  • Holding an Abitur diploma with a diploma score of 3 or higher,
  • Holding a Matura diploma with a diploma score of 2.0 or higher,
  • Holding a Maturita diploma with a diploma score of 80 or higher,
  • Holding a French baccalaureate diploma with a diploma score of at least 14 (In case of diplomas issued by high schools in Turkey, a diploma score of at least 70, provided that the diploma is the equivalent of the French Baccalaureate),
  • Having completed at least 3 courses with at least a Grade 4 within the scope of AP Programs.

Applicants’ Nationality
Turkish students are invited to apply.

Application Instruction
The completed application form must be submitted online along with the materials as follow:

  • Passport (personal information page)
  • Official document signifying successful completion of high school – diploma in many countries (if it is not in English or Turkish, it must be translated)
  • Official high school transcript national or internationally recognized test results or provisional results if not available by the time of submission.
  • English language proficiency test results if available.
  • Statement of Motivation – Applicants will be asked to prepare an essay explaining why you want to attend Özye?in University and what your goals are. This essay should not be longer than two pages. It can be prepared as a “Word” or “PDF” document, which you will upload. (Strong “Motivation letter” will increase your chance of getting a scholarship or even increase it)

Submission Deadline
August 26, 2016.

Website and Application Link

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