PhD Scholarships at the University of Kassel, Germany

  • Target: German students
  • Benefits: EUR 1,200 per month
  • Level and Discipline: Doctorate degree in all disciplines
  • Host Institution: University of Kassel – Germany
  • Deadline: 1 November each year

The University Kassel is currently accepting applications for a number of doctoral scholarships. Please note, only domestic students are invited to apply. Those are selected will receive a monthly grant of EUR 1,200 plus other benefits.

Scholarship Description
This doctorate scholarship grant is purposed to support outstanding graduates from all disciplines and make grant-financed doctorate study at the University of Kassel attractive. The personal support should improve the framework conditions during the phase of academic qualification and enable high quality research contributions to be made. The newly introduced awarding of completion grants supports the completion of doctorates. In particular, the aim of this is to support doctoral candidates by balancing out the disadvantages they face.

Award Value
Each of the winning candidates will receive the benefits as follow:

  • The doctorate grant is EUR 1,200 per month.
  • If the candidate has children, there is an additional child care allowance of a maximum of EUR 200 per month. Evidence must be provided of child care costs. The possible additional income is limited to a maximum of EUR 6000 per year.
  • As part of the doctorate grant, there is an allowance of up to EUR 500 per year for active participation with a lecture or poster at a conference upon provision of evidence of the costs.

Level and Area of Studies
Doctorate degree in all disciplines.

Place of Study
At the University of Kassel, Germany

Eligibility and Criteria
All interested candidates must read carefully the scholarship requirement information as follow:

  • Grants is to support outstanding graduates from all disciplines and make grant-financed doctorate study at the University of Kassel attractive.
  • The age limit for the first award of a doctorate grant is generally 35. Each child increases the age limit by one year. The age limit can in particular be increased if the candidate has completed professional training or a second educational pathway before their study.
  • If a child is born, an application can be made for the doctorate grant to be extended by half a year.

Applicants’ Nationality
Only German students are invited to apply.

Application Instruction
Your application packet must be consisting the following materials:

  • a short cover letter justifying the application,
  • a printed version of the online application form,
  • a summary of the planned doctorate which is understandable to academic lay people of a maximum of 3,000 characters,
  • an exposé of the planned dissertation,
  • where applicable, a statement that the intended doctorate is embedded in working contexts (e.g. graduate research programme, working groups),
  • a report from the supervisor,
  • a CV in tabular form,
  • simple copies of the most recent university certificates including “Abitur” [German advanced level qualifications] certificates,
  • evidence of the applicant’s income,
  • certification that the applicant has been accepted as a doctoral candidate at the University of Kassel,
  • where available, a supervision timetable in accordance with the concept for the promotion of junior researchers of 8 October 2012.

Submission Deadline
1 November each year.

Website and Application Link

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