Postgraduate Bursaries At University of Warwick Sponsored by Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust, UK

The Leverhulme Trade Charities proudly funds Postgraduate Bursaries for any eligible UK students who are enrolling master and doctoral program at Warwick University. UP £5,000 will be granted to the selected applicant of this bursary. To apply you must submit applocation before 1 October.

Program Overview
The Leverhulme Trade Charities Postgraduate Bursaries aims to support any students from the United Kingdom who are (or who are connected with) Commercial Travellers, Grocers or Chemists, in financial need undertaking full-time Postgraduate degree courses at institutions in the United Kingdom, leading to recognised qualifications (e.g. PhD/MSc). The information guidelines describe the terms of reference of the awards, and the following terms and conditions apply to all bursaries.

Bursaries will be paid to the university rather than directly to the student. This payment will be made after the receipt of an invoice or a letter requesting the funds. This document should indicate the student’s name and period of each claim. Any unspent funds should be returned if a student fails to complete their course or the host institution decides to terminate the course for any reason.

Award Value
Up to £5,000. This amount may be adjusted according to the applicant’s personal financial need and to the amount of funds available.

Level and Area of Studies
Any full-time postgraduate degree course at a higher or further education institution in the UK, being either a body recognised by the Secretary of State for Education and Employment for the award of a degree or a body providing courses in preparation for a degree to be granted by a recognised body.

Place of Study
Warwick University in the United Kingdom

Eligibility and Criteria
The Trustees have adopted, as a matter of policy, the following definitions:

Commercial Travellers:     The representative, agent or principal of any UK firm of manufacturers, industrial or commercial firm or company, or wholesale dealers selling to industry or commerce, but not direct to the public, who has travelled for five consecutive years and, in the aggregate, for at least six months in each of those years, for the purposes of securing orders and/or promoting business.

Chemists:  A registrant of the General Pharmaceutical Council, engaged in selling or dispensing medicines direct to the public.

Grocers:  A person engaged or employed in a UK business of selling by retail a wide range of both food supplies and non-edible articles for household use, and management excluding persons owning or employed by one of the major multiple retailers.

The qualifying parent of a student applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate bursary should have been engaged in their occupation in the UK for at least five years and should either be currently so engaged or should have taken their retirement from such an occupation within the last ten years. A parent who is unemployed (or deceased) but who fell within one of these three categories when their employment ceased (or they died) is also included.

Eligible students: Applicants should normally have been resident in the United Kingdom and either be (or be the son or daughter, spouse, widow or widower of) a Commercial Traveller, Chemist, or Grocer, according to the definitions (“the eligible individual”).

Application Instruction
To make an application, please log in to the online application system. The application Link can be seen below.

Submission Deadline
1 October on annual basis.

Website and Application Link

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