Hanken School of Economics Master’s Degree Program Premium Scholarship

Target: The citizens of selected developing countries | Level: Master degree | Studies: Economics | Expired 38 days ago, try next time!

Johnson & Johnson Global Mental Health Scholarship Programmes

Target: The citizens of Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Nicaragua and Peru | Level: Master degree | Studies: Global Mental Health | Expires in 28 days!

Asia Pacific Scholarship: $10,000 for Students from Underrepresented Asian Countries

Target: The citizens of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam | Level: Master degree | Studies: Any | Deadline: Updated annually

VLIR-ICP Master Scholarship Program in Belgium

Target: Selected countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America | Level: Master degree | Studies: Human Settlements, Food Technolog, Sustainable Development and Water Resources Engineering | Deadline: 01/02/19

ASEAN-India Research Traning Fellowship (AI-RTF) in India

Target: The citizens of ASEAN member countries | Level: Research program | Studies: Various subjects such as; Agricultural Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, etc. | Deadline: Always open

Simon and June Li Undergraduate Scholarship Program in UK

Target: Selected countries in Asia | Level: Undergraduate degree | Studies: Any available course except medicine studies | Deadline: 13/02/19