Study Pug Essay Scholarship

Study Pug is pleased to offer the Study Pug Essay Scholarship. The scholarship is available for the U.S. or Canadian students. They are required to submit an essay responding the topic question below. The winning student will receive $1,000. Expired 163 days ago, try next time!

Award Value
The winner will be granted $1,000.

Level and Area of Studies
High school and college level in any field.

Place of Study
In the United States or Canada.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • The annual scholarship award is for students who are currently enrolled as a high school or college/university student within the United States or Canada.
  • Applicants must complete the student information form below and submit their 500 to 1000 word essay on the selected topic in PDF format. The essay, idea, or creation must be the applicant’s original work.
  • The Scholarship will be awarded to the student who writes the most compelling essay as judged by an outside panel of educational professionals.

Applicants’ Nationality
The U.S. and Canadian citizens are welcome to apply.

Application Instruction
To apply, students must submit their 500 – 1000 word essay through the link below. The essay must answer the following topic: Math has been with us since the beginning of human civilization. Throughout history, we have used math in innovative ways that benefited our civilization. Whether this brought about a paradigm shift from an original way of thinking, the discovery or invention of something new, saved lives or opened doors for new possibilities. In no less than 1000 words, write an essay discussing how a particular topic or branch of math, or a historic event related to math, helped propel humanity forward in a significant way.

Website and Application Link

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